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 Hamachi Guide

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PostSubject: Hamachi Guide   Hamachi Guide Icon_minitimeWed Sep 17, 2008 7:01 am

How to connect to the server?

You must download all parts to install successfully the PhazeRAN Client. If you missed one, you will encounter errors. Need more patient.
Steps to connect to our server:
1. You must have Hamachi installed on your PC, if not. Download at

2. If you have installed Hamachi on your PC, you can skip step 1. Then connect to our servers/rooms.

3. On the Hamachi interface, you can see a "Triangle" shape. Click it.

4. After clicking it, you must see "Create a new network" and "Join an existing Network".
Click "Join an existing Network".

5. After clicking "Join an existing Network". There would be a pop-up. You must fill in the Network name and Network pass.

6. Now, choose only one Network here.
Network name: phazeran1
Network password: phaze
(2)Network name: phazeran2
Network password: phaze
(3)Network name: phazeran3
Network password: phaze
(4)Network name: phazeran4
Network password: phaze

Added 2 more rooms because room 1 is almost full.

7. Now, you have just finished configuring hamachi. you can now connect to our server.

8. Open Launcher.exe then click "Start".

If you have an EP4 Client on your PC,
just download our patch.
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Hamachi Guide
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